Dimitar Dimitrov

Dimitar Dimitrov

Co-Chair of SDSN Bulgaria

Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrov is currently Rector of the University of National and World Economy.

He is author/co-author of 16 monographs and 4 textbooks. Prof. Dimitrov was previously a Volkswagen Foundation Fellow at Centre for European Security Studies (CESS), Groningen, the Netherlands; Ford Foundation Fellow at Bonn International Center for Conversion, Germany, as well as a guest researcher at Center for Nonproliferation Studies, MIIS, Monterey, USA.

Prof. Dimitrov holds a PhD in Economics and Management (Defence and Security) from the University of National and World Economy in Bulgaria. His scientific interests are in the field of Defence and Security Economics and Disaster Risk Management.

Among the main priorities of Prof. Dimitrov as rector, is the establishment of the UNWE as a green university, and as Co-chair of SDSN Bulgaria, he aims to promote the benefits of sustainable development through the higher education system.